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Pine Forest Residents we need your help!


Pine Forest Residents we need your Help! https://acrobat.adobe.com/link/review?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:476015f3-7a31-373b-8b84-1ccce0ff9969

We are working with our grant consultants to secure funding for improvements to City infrastructure.  There are many upcoming opportunities that would enable us to make important additions to our current capabilities and also provide means to develop recreational areas/parks and other facilities that would otherwise be unaffordable and/or unattainable.   These projects are in the earliest stages of consideration, and we will of course seek additional input from the community as we move forward.


In the meantime, to make this possible we desperately need your prompt response to the attached survey.  To pursue these opportunities, we must show that at least 51% of households in Pine Forest are considered low-to-moderate income by HUD’s standards.   The survey questionnaire is self-certifying, requests information based on your income only, and does not consider assets.  The forms will not be used for any purpose other than grant applications.  Please note that there is no identifying information other than your address that is required on the form.  Once completed, they will be counted by our grant consultant and included in the project file.  Only the totals of low-to-moderate income households vs. non-low-to-moderate income households and basic demographic data (male, female, etc.) will appear in the grant applications.


The first grant application we would like to pursue for which these survey forms are needed is due August 1st.  We will therefore need to have the completed forms to our grant consultant on or before July 25th.   Please complete one form per household and return to City Hall as soon as you are able.  If you are not comfortable with City staff collecting this information on your behalf, please feel free to email your completed form to Melinda Smith of Traylor & Associates, Inc. (our grant consulting firm) at Melinda.smith@grtraylor.com  or by snapping a picture and texting to her at 903-431-0407.


On a related note, you may recall having recently heard Vidor completed the same type of household income survey.  Due to their success in gathering these forms, they have been awarded over $20 Million in drainage projects this past year alone.  We want to make sure we are doing everything we can to help bring funds to our community as well.  These survey forms are vital to the future of our community and we hope you are willing to take just a few minutes of your time to complete the survey form and return to City Hall.